Meet the dream team

Riccardo is a pure Sicilian man with a Welsh mother, who loves his country.   He has been in the travel business for 25 years. Riccardo knows everybody, and loves to share his knowledge with everybody. He also loves history, food, and wine!  He manages his wife, Paola’s hotel and restaurant in Sorrento. He loves to have fun and is sure to help make your trip an experience of a lifetime.

David Shick is free spirited entrepreneur who has been involved in several diverse and successful ventures. He is an educated scientist, who owns Richmond Diagnostics,a medical supply company. He is also very handy, has a love for helping out and having fun. Through all of these experiences, he has gained a love for travel. He has been coordinating group tours for decades. In fact, he and Riccardo met and became business partners on a tour of Italy in 2008. He meticulously plans and helps execute every featured tour.